The Jewelry Mate

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Organize Your Jewelry With The Jewelry Mate

  1. Entire jewelry box locks (not just a section or two)
  2. Earrings – 100 pairs minimum, all sizes, shapes & lengths including studs & hoops
  3. Removable earring tray – coordinate at the closet or to take to better lighting
  4. Necklaces – 120 minimum all shapes & sizes as well as bracelets, 12 choker style
  5. Sexy, attractive styling fits in with any decor (check out the sleek contoured shape)
  6. Four color choices to choose from

How To Keep The Sparkle Of Your Jewelry

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Having sparkling bling – there is nothing better! When it comes to cleaning that crud crusted jewelry, right in your own home, you want the Jewel Jet Jewelry Steam Cleaner, the method the professionals use.

Professional jewelers have been using powerful burst of steam for years to blast away the dirt and grime from everyone’s jewelry. Jewelry is such a huge investment, and bringing it back to life from just collecting dust, our steam cleaner is the perfect gift for that someone special that already has everything – (almost)!


Check out these features:

  1. Professionally between visits to your favorite jewelry, keep your jewelry clean and sparkling.
  2. Easy to use – when the “ready light goes out”, it’s ready to start cleaning.
  3. With moderate usage, Jewel Jet is designed to be very low maintenance.
  4. Ready to use in about 3 minutes and holds 8oz of water.
  5. Note: not all jewelry can be steam cleaned. Check with your jewelers when purchasing.